Welcome and thank you for stopping by Straight Outta Compston Kitchen! We are Stephen and Elise Compston. Husband and wife registered dietitian duo with soft spots for pizza and burgers. We walk our talk when it comes to nutrition and staying active and believe that ALL foods can find their place in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

With backgrounds in recipe development, maternal and childhood nutrition, and disease prevention as well as advanced certifications in weight loss and diabetes management, our focus is to educate families like you to live healthier lives in a realistic, fun, and easy-to-undertsand manner.¬†Straight Outta Compston Kitchen will provide you with nutritious, affordable, family-friendly recipes utilizing what you’ve already got in your fridge or pantry (with perhaps the occasional item or two from the grocery store). You can also look forward to shopping tips and money saving tools, ways to get the family on board, the latest in nutrition research, and honest insight into our lives as food fanatics and new parents.

We are glad you’re here. Let’s eat!


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